Friday, August 30, 2013

Get Away Weekend

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Being Watched

Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched then you look around and you see that indeed, someone is watching you?  It's a bit weird how that works but it frequently happens.  Like the other day when I went to the Penland garden to try to get some good pictures of these sunflowers.

Penland Sunflowers

Deer In The Garden
When the feeling of being watched got strong I looked around and noticed a deer standing a ways behind me.  She let me take her picture then flicked her tail and rain back into the woods.

Meatless Monday blog posts will return after Labor Day weekend, in the meantime I started a new, one week class at Penland School of Crafts.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Show and Tell

At the end of every session at Penland a Show and Tell is arranged where the artists can show off some of the work they created while here.  Here's my display and a few choice pieces from some other students.  Really the art was too good to post all of the best images so these are simply random.

Friday, August 16, 2013

12 x 12 Pots

Since I'm here at Penland School of Crafts and so close to Michael Kline's I thought I'd post a picture of yesterday's  12 x 12, which is 12 pots before 12 noon.

Today we will have a critique of the work we've done so far. This should be interesting.  

Have you been to Mudcolony today?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Anne Lemanski Installation

One of the cool things about walking around the Penland School of Crafts campus is the artwork that you find. Some of it is very hidden and some is more easily discovered. The North Carolina Museum of Art has placed a few pieces around the campus, they are part of a show about time. One of the pieces that I find the most compelling is this one titled Extirpated by Anne Lemanski.

In this piece she discussed the animals that have been forcibly removed from Mitchell County, some of which are entirely extinct.  The animals are described with beautiful pristine white fabric boarded in festive red stitching but they are hanging on what appears to be a clothes line held up by rifles.  It's beautiful and disturbing.   It makes you think and feel.  That's a quality I appreciate in much art.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Morning on the Mountain

Meatless Monday Recipes will not be published for the next few weeks since my meals will be coming Crome the fabulous Penland kitchen. You should still come visit the blog as I try to share my time here with you.

This is one of the great views we get to enjoy most mornings at Penland.  So often the mornings begin with a fog or a cloud laying in the valley between the mountains or across the meadow.  I love watching it drift away with the rising of the sun.

The benefit auction is over and classes started on Sunday night.  My instructor is Andy Shaw from LSU.  It appears that this class is going to be rather thought provoking.  I hope to share some of the discussion with you without spoiling a possible workshop with Andy for you.  So far I really like him so I'm really excited about the class.  Now I just need to get back into the studio and get my hands in the clay.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Opening the Penland Wood Kiln

Peter Callas taught the session 5 workshop which culminated in wood kiln firing.  I love wood fired pottery, I love firing the kilns, and of course, unloading them.  I had to show up for at least some of the unloading, even if I didn't have any work in the kiln.

Peter Callas unloading the Penland anagama by Lori Buff
Peter Callas Examines His Pot

Everything that I saw came out great.  Some of the pieces did need some sanding, that's not unusual in a wood firing.  Some were perfect just as they were.  Peter commented to the class that all of the pieces that moved in the firing had the wadding glued on to the pot.  If the wadding was stuck on while the pot was loaded it held still in the firing.  Wadding is a mixture of water, clay and alumina hydrate that is put on the pot (usually on the foot) to prevent the pot from becoming glazed onto the self.  It's used in wood, salt, and soda firings mostly since pots in these types of firings are glazed inside the kiln by the wood ash, and/or the salt and soda.  The heat and flame does cause an effect like wind which can cause a pot to move.  If a pot moves and touches another pot they kiss and are fused together.

Unloading the Penland wood kiln by Lori Buff
Inside The Wood Kiln

Later we hiked around the Penland campus, saw a mother deer and her fawns heading down to Jane Peiser's studio.  Those deer have great taste in art.

Since it's the end of a session an auction was held.  The auction helps fund the scholarship programs and consists of work from the sessions students, instructors and some local artists.  It's also a really good time.  We had dinner in the Pine's dining hall and then went up to the auction with a bottle of wine and some friends.  It was a fun time as promised and we came away with a few very nice pieces that were a really good deal.

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Arriving at Penland - Chasewood

Yesterday we set out from Atlanta to Penland. It's about a 5 hour drive but not a bad one at all, especially considering the destination. I have volunteered to work at the big benefit auction later in the week and then I'm staying for a class with Andy Shaw.  But I'm here a few days early with Janet and Jolie the cattle dog so we can explore.

We are staying at the home of my friend Sandy who is the owner of Chasewood.  It's a house that is surrounded by the Penland land with the most beautiful view of the meadow.  Last night as we sat on the porch watching the sunset we got to see a deer grazing and running through the field.  Jolie didn't notice her, I think she doesn't really like to herd very much.  We should have come up on Saturday since the Fourth of July fireworks were held then due to a rain delay.  Apparently it was pouring rain all day on the fourth.

View Of Penland From Chasewood

Chasewood has a separate building that has been made into 2 really cute apartments that Sandy rents out to people who are taking classes and don't want to stay in the Penland houses for various reasons. We were lucky that one of the apartments happened to be vacant so we could stay here and bring the pup.

We'll walk over to the clay studio today to watch them unloading the big wood kiln that was being built when I was here in March.  I'm excited to see the results and I don't even have any piece in the kiln.  Maybe one day I will.

Later tonight is the end of session auction.  These are a lot of fun so we'll be there joining in the festivities and maybe placing some bids.

I can't promise I will be writing blog post everyday but I'll do my best to get some posted.  I still look forward to your comments and will reply to as many as I can, as always.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

From A Different Angle

Tonight is the artist reception for a show called From A Different Angle at the art gallery in The 567 Center For Renewal in Macon, GA, which sounds like a pretty cool place.  I intend to be there for the opening since a few of my pots are in the show, and on the advertising.  I am always so honored and amazed when that happens.

You may be wondering why I hadn't mentioned this show much earlier.  Clearly they knew I was going to be in the show since my pot and name are in the advertising.  But I didn't.  The email that was sent to tell me saying that I was accepted into the show was lost somewhere in cyberville.  Thankfully Beth Smith, who curates the show called me a few days ago since she had not heard anything at all from me since I applied to have my pots in the show.  I'm so glad she called, follow-up is a wonderful thing.

The 567 Center for Renewal show From a Different Angle
From a Different Angle Show

The covered jar in the picture is one of my pieces.  It's made with Highwater's Orangestone clay. After being bisque fired I applied paper cutouts of maple leaves using a wax resist then glazed the pieces with two glazes for depth and interest.  The glazed pieces were then fired to cone 6 in a gas reduction kiln.  They are fully functional and are even dishwasher safe.

If you're in Macon tonight and are looking for something to do and some great art to admire tonight please come to the gallery and say "hi" to the other artists and me.  I've checked out the websites for some of the other artists and they have some really great work.

Artists Reception date and time:  Aug 2, 2013 6-9 pm
The 567 Center For Renewal
533 Cherry Street
In the heart of historic downtown Macon, Georgia.
They are between 2nd and 3rd Streets, next door to The Rookery (one of my favorite restaurants in Macon).

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff